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Are you being deceived? It is a logical question to ask yourself. With so many opinions and voices fighting for your attention, it can be challenging to sort truth from fiction.

If you think about it, keeping an eye on deception in your everyday life ultimately prepares you to do so. It is not something most of you think about every day, but you must give it attention, or it will sneak up on you and overtake you without even knowing it.

Like Blood Of Deception by Vincent G. Bivona, the book’s plot will leave readers conflicted about who will triumph and who they might want to be victorious in the end. The story is about a child conceived in an alliance with darkness and raised in a fortress dedicated to death and murder. Then the day comes when her heritage embraces her and a dark forgotten god as the instrument of his revenge against the gods of Tamora, which had cast him down eons ago. Later, the child enters the realm of the dead on a quest to destroy those who betrayed her beloved.

Thus, the question now is, “Are you being deceived? or have you been deceived?” The definition of deception means that those who are deceived do not believe or know they are deceived. So, people must guard against this trap from those with evil intentions.  

Here are four (4) ways to guard against deception to keep you strong, living in the truth, and accessible!

#1. Know the meaning of deception. The one thing you need to know right off is this: anyone is contingent on deception. No one is immune. Thinking you cannot be deceived means you already are. The first step to shielding your heart against deception is to know the definition of deception. First, it is essential to understand what deception is not.

When you do something wrong—and you know it is wrong—that is not deception. That is making an abysmal choice. The only deception in this is that there will be no consequence to your actions.

Actual deception is much more profound. It comes when you get whizzed away by a wrong idea, but you have become convinced that it is true. This ushers in mixing truth and falsehood until the definite picture is no longer presented.

That is the definition of deception—being swept away into believing what you did not think previously was the truth. The nature of deception is a toll of fear that begins with questioning. And instead of going back to the Source, they let questioning lead them away. That is Deception.

#2. Prepare Ahead of Time. Knowing how simple it is to be swept away into deception, be strongly warned to “take heed.” To take heed means to perceive, beware, and consider carefully. That means people must prepare in advance to view those things that present themselves as genuine. And you should be able to discern accurately and quickly, using the knowledge we have built up.

Guarding against deception is proactive. Be sure to figure out whether it is truth or deception before something comes up. Be ready for it.

#3. Compare Everything to God’s Word. Whenever a philosophy, doctrine, or idea is presented, you never have to wonder if it is true. All you have to do is differentiate everything to God’s Word, and you will have your answer—that is how you guard against deception. Many people are ready and willing to cause deceit—especially when it helps them justify their sinful or wrongdoings. Pushing deception means pressuring someone to accept as accurate or valid something that is not true.

There is also a delicate balance between something valid and something true. Something right is not absolute in itself. When you compare everything to God’s Word, you will guard against deception.

# 4. Live By Faith. Finally, to guard against deception, you must live by faith. That will keep you out of deception. There will always be difficulties in this world, and even those with faith will face them. But one thing is different for them. They know the truth. So do not be deceived into believing that anything lower than victory is God’s will for you.

Parting Words

Study these four (4) ways to shield yourself against deception and pray to the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth. Be prepared and alert, and dig deep into the Word of God. Refuse to stir from its truth, and you will stand firm today and in the future. You can guard yourself against deception!

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