Dak’tari was a child conceived in an alliance with darkness and raised in a fortress dedicated to death and murder. Till the day comes when she is embraced by her heritage and a dark forgotten god as the instrument of his revenge against the gods of Tamora, which had cast him down eons ago.

While a party of humans, elves and dwarfs head into The Northern Waste to investigate the whispered rumors that a hoard of creatures are amassing for an assault on Tamora, Dak’tari enters the realm of the dead on a quest to destroy those that betrayed her beloved.

Blood of Deception: Plots Arising will leave readers a little conflicted about who will triumph, as well as who they might want to be victorious in the end.


Excerpt 1

The change in the puppy is almost instantaneous. Saliva commences to drip from its mouth, and its hackles rise as its insane eyes focus on Dak’tari. Growling it lunges for her throat, its needle sharp teeth clamping onto her arm as she instinctively throws it in front of her face.


Excerpt 2

“For two thousand years I have waited for the time which has finally arrived. The day our lord would be free and ready to extract his revenge upon the heads of the betrayers!” Again he takes Dak’tari’s face into his writhed hands. “The day you would be born and ready to embrace your destiny.”



Excerpt 3

“Better! Better?!” The vein in the dwarf’s temple throbs, as he ejects each word as if it was a curse. “What would make me feel better is if youse would pull the clay from your pointy ears and listen to what the hell I’s is saying!” The robust dwarf quivers in anger as he glares up at the delicate elf. The thought of snapping the thin pale neck of Jerilith crosses his mind, but war with the elves is not what he is here for. Though he would enjoy the war a hell of a lot more than this alliance he has come seeking.

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